The School and the Management


Bethany Central School is a pioneering institution aiming at individualistic and holistic development of each student. It is managed by Bethany Provincial Pathanamthitta. The school is located amidst natural splendor in the heart of Nangiarkulangara. The eco-friendly atmosphere of the school infuses great academic ambiance. The class rooms and all the paraphernalia are so arranged so as to provide a serene, safe and secure environment. The school offers excellent infrastructure and innovative teaching methodology incorporating the latest technology.  Every student’s curricular, extra-curricular, psychological and emotional concerns are well dressed. All the class rooms are fitted with cameras to keep close watch over the children. We create an atmosphere where moral and ethical values flow in from all corners.

Our KG Sections nestles close to the main building. A treasure trove of flora enhances the serene beauty which helps in the internal development of multiple skills in the learner. Teaching is based on new pedagogy, a perfect blend of traditional and latest technology, ie, smart digital provision based on the texts provided. A miniature park is setup for fun and enjoyment which contributes to all the round development of the kids.