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Bethany Central School

We are pleased to introduce Bethany Central School [BCS], the best CBSE school, in Haripad, Kerala education. Bethany Central School [BCS] is the realization of a long nurtured dream of Keralites in quality education. The BCS was inaugurated by School Management on June, 2006. The first classes commenced on June, 2006 with an enrolment of 200 students for the academic year 2006 - 2007. The school follows a curriculum, which Is in accordance with the specifications of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It aims at the attainment of the highest order of academic excellence. Non-academic subjects including music, dance and creative projects are given equal Importance while planning the curriculum.
Bethany Central School
We are pleased to introduce Bethany Central School [BCS], the...
Annual Day
Every year, all the staffs and students put hands together...
The Band
Our students make our school's name at top list in...
Onam Celebration
Onam is an annual Hindu festival with origins in the...
Western Guitar BCS
Western Guitar Band of Bethany Central School


1511 Total Students
202 Tenth Passouts
8240 Library Books
40 Classrooms

Core Values

Besides academics, our institution focuses on the other sides of the student’s development.

Discipline, sincerity, generosity, self confidence, self esteem, leadership quality, spirit of charity is some of the core values inculcated in children to enhance their multi-faceted personality.
SR AGNET SIC Principal

Mission Statement

The school will improve the standard category to International level by enhancing English Communication by 50-80% in the next 3 years by 100% by 2022 by utilizing the school resources thereby enabling the students to face the challenging world with confidence.

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